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Inline Flat Drip Irrigation Tape Extrusion Line

This inline drip tape production line is our newest generation of high speed, thin walled, drip tape products.

When the irrigation process is carried out, people often control the surface temperature and humidity using a water flow to ensure even crop growth. If you are looking for a water, energy, and labor saving artificial irrigation method, the high-speed thin-walled drip tape is an excellent choice. It can effectively control the flow provide fertilization facilities, carry out spraying, and reduce pest invasion, thus increasing the final growth of crops. The high speed, thin walled drip tape is mainly used for farmland crop cultivation, but it can also be used for greenhouse cultivation.

We offer this inline drip irrigation tape making machines in two varieties: high speed and standard. Customers can choose the drip irrigation tape line that best suits their needs.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Pipe Diameter Pipe Thickness Production Speed Dripper Distance
Inlaid Flat Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line 12-16-20mm 0.13-0.7mm 70-250m/min 100-1500mm
Equipment advantages

1. It adopts PLC centralized control, stable production, easy operation, can efficiently and continuously produce the irrigation drip tape.
2. The emitters feeding, screening, transportation, storage, rationing and embedding are completed automatically. The delivery rate can be adjusted according to the production speed of irrigation drip tape, to ensure accurately the delivery and installation of dripper.
3. The extruded materials are uniformly plasticized, the pipe surface is smooth and the sizing is accurate.
4. The vacuum water tank and cooling water tank are made of stainless steel, the vacuum degree in the water tank can be accurately and flexibly adjusted according to production needs while maintaining stability.
5. Using two servo-driven tractor, pulling speed can be adjusted synchronously according to production needs, smooth traction speed.
6. Using mechanical drilling method controlled by PLC to make the drip tape hole, fast drilling speed.
7. Double station, coil changing without stopping. The winding length can be set freely.

Pipe applications and characteristics

Flat drip irrigation tapes are widely used to grow field crops (such as cotton), fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers and more. Main features are listed below:
1. Integration with tape and emitter, easy installation, low cost, low investment.
2. Adjustable dripper spacing in order to meet irrigation requirements for different crops and satisfy water saving, and improved production requirements.
3. The emitter features a multi-windowed intake to improve the blocking resistance.

Classic production line show
Inlaid Flat Emitter Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line
Ⅰ. Components:
No. Items Quantity Configuration instructions
1 Dripper Screening Conveyor 1 set A1
2 SJ--75/36Single screw extruder 1 set A2
3 Mold 1 set A3
4 ZK Vacuum Forming Box 1 set A4
5 LQ Cooling sink 1 set A5
6 QY Tractor 2 set A6
7 Punching machine 1 set A7
8 Double station coiling machine 1 set A8
Ⅱ. Technical parameters
No. Items High speed line (A) Standard production line(B)
1 Pipe diameter Φ16-Φ20mm Φ16-Φ20mm
2 Pipe yhickness 0.15-0.60mm 0.15-0.60mm
3 Single screw extruder SJ--75/36 SJ--65/30
4 Design production speed 200m/min(300mm space) 120m/min(300mm space)
5 Center height 1000mm 1000mm
6 Dripper Identifying Speed 600pcs/min 300pcs/min
7 Dripper space 100mm-1500mm 200mm-1500mm
8 Punching speed 600pcs/min 400pcs/min
9 Punching method High speed motor High speed motor
10 Pipe length per roll 500m-1000m 500m-1000m
11 Total Installed Power 102Kw 84Kw
12 Max Extruding Capacity 200Kg 120Kg
13 Electric system Motion controller PLC control
14 Size of the Line (L×W×H) 32m*5m*2.5m 26m*5m*2.5m
15 Total Line Weight 6000kg 4500kg
Ⅲ.The main parameters and related configuration

A1. Dripper Screening Conveyor
1. This part can be high-speed selection of the drip, with automatic identification of positive and negative, with precision automatic detection device, recognition rate of 100%.
2. Automatic feeding machine without manual feeding, according to the amount of drip delivery from the adjustment, to ensure the stability of screening.
3. The dripper space set by the PLC controller precision transmission, spacing between 100 --- 1000mm arbitrarily set.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Filter cylinder diameter 1000mm Motor Siemens servo motor
Motor power 0.75Kw PLC Siemens
Spacing Setting Range 100mm-1000mm Electric system 1. Siemens servo controller;
2. Siemens AC contactor.

A2. SJ-75/36 Single screw extruder
The machine is used for PE pipe extrusion production: PE material by the vacuum feeding machine negative pressure feeding, drying through the drying hopper into the barrel; material by the screw conveyor, compression, plastic, measurement, into the molding die. The machine barrel screw material is 38CrMoAlA, by quenched and tempered, nitriding treatment. High precision, anti-fatigue. Gear box gear material for the 20CrMnTiA, carburizing treatment.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Screw diameter 75mm Main motor Siemens
L/D 36:1 Screw barrel Five-star
Main motor power 45Kw Gearbox Guomao
Speed mode Frequency Electric system 1. Siemens frequency converter;
2. Omron temperature control table;
3. Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances.
Max Extruding Capacity 150kg/h
A3. Molds
Molds material use high-quality alloy steel, quenched and tempered, mold flow surface polishing hard chrome plating. The sizing material is copper alloy.
A4. ZK Vacuum Forming Box

1. The Vacuum Forming Box use stainless steel.
2. The vacuum box use 5 column water flow controller, in the production process can accurately control the uniform flow of water.
3. Sizing parts can be adjusted

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Vacuum Forming Box length 4M Vacuum pump Yuhuan
Cooling method Flooding-style Water pump Yuhuan
Anti-turn tube Wheel type anti - turn tube device Material Stainless steel 304
Moving style Straight rail slide Servo motor Siemens
Vacuum pump power 1.5kwX2 Electric system Siemens low voltage electrical appliances
Pump power 1.5kw
Drippper connection way Silicone wheel crimping
Driving motor 0.4kw Servo motor
A5. LQ Cooling water sink

1. The cooling water sink is made of stainless steel;
2. Setting the high pressure wind in addition to water, that can effectively remove the pipe surface moisture;

Main configuration
Length 4M
Cooling system Circulating water immersion
Material Stainless steel 304

A6. Tractor
The machine adopts belt type traction, servo speed control way, to ensure that the upper and lower traction speed strictly consistent, the upper and lower traction frame pneumatic compression.

Parameters and related configuration
1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Number of belts 2 Servo motor Siemens
Clamping length 800mm Compression mode pneumatic
Traction speed 250m/min Pneumatic Components Yadeke
Center height 1000mm Electric system 1. Siemens servo governor;
2. Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances.
Motor power 2.2kw
A7. Punching device

1. Punching machine connect with PLC programming, automatic, fast and accurate capture of the dripper punching.
2. Punching pitch setting: from the touch screen spacing setting window free to set.
3. Punching machine with wheel trigger, mechanical tracking punch.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Motor power 0.85kw Punching motor Siemens servo motor
Punching speed 1000pcs/min Touch sensor Siemens
Center height 1000mm Pneumatic Components Zhejiang
Punching space 100-1000mm
A8. Double station coiling machine

1. The machine use double-bit winding machine
2. The machine is equipped with automatic cable, automatic meter alarm, automatic cut off.
3.Automatic roll change. 4.With automatic tension control system.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Coiling method Double station center coiling Servo motor Siemens
Coiling width mm Pneumatic Components Zhejiang
Coiling speed 250m/min
Reel diameter mm Electric System 1.ABB frequency converter;
2.Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances
Coiling motor power 1.5kwX2
Drive power 0.75kw
Flip motor power 2.2kw

Note: The above images are for reference only.

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