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Inline Cylinder Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion Line

The inline cylinder drip irrigation pipe extrusion machinery is used for the production of inner cylindrical drip irrigation pipes. Compared to the other drip irrigation pipe making machines we produce, the emitter of inner cylindrical drip irrigation is wider, features a longer runner, and a stronger resistance to clogging. When using this type of drip irrigation, the water features a turbulent flow, ensuring the uniformity of the water flow. Because the drip is directly welded to the inner wall of the drip pipe, the irrigation tube features a high precision irrigation. Inlaid cylindrical drip irrigation not only features an outstanding irrigation, but it is easy to install and move, making it an economical and water saving irrigation product.

Inlaid cylindrical drip irrigation tape is widely used for water saving irrigation of vegetables and flowers, planting trees and other green projects. Inlaid cylindrical drip irrigation equipment from our company features technical advantages from both domestic and international equipment, combined with top of the line technology and the development of a new generation of high-speed thin-walled cylinder-type drip irrigation pipe equipment. Existing high-speed line (A line) and standard line (B line) are two equipment production line options for customers to choose from.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Pipe Diameter Pipe Thickness Production Speed Dripper Distance
Inlaid Cylindrical Drip Irrigation Tape machine 12-16-20mm 0.15-1.2mm 30-80m/min 100-1500mm
Equipment advantages

1. Adopts PLC centralized control, stable production process, easy to operate, energy efficient.
2. The emitters feeding, screening, transportation, inlaying, pipe output, drilling and rewinding are completed synchronously, high automation.
3. The extruded materials are uniformly plasticized, the drip tape surface is smooth and the sizing is accurate.
4. The traction machine adopts frequency control, it can be used for a variety of processing requirements. On the track surface has rubber protective layer, can effectively prevent the deformation of drip tape.
5. Mechanical drilling, high drilling speed, stable running.
6. Double station, coil changing without stopping. The winding length can be set freely.

Classic production line show
Inlaid Cylindrical Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line
Ⅰ. Parts
No. Items Quantity Configuration instructions
1 Dripper Screening Conveyor 1set A1
2 SJ--90/30 Single screw extruder 1set A2
3 Mold 1set A3
4 ZK Vacuum Forming Box 1set A4
5 LQ Cooling sink 2 sets A5
6 QY Tractor 1set A6
7 Punching machine 1set A7
8 Double station coiling machine 1set A8
Ⅱ.Parameters and related configuration
No. Items High speed line (A) Standard production line(B)
1 Pipe diameter Φ12-Φ16-Φ20mm Φ12-Φ16-Φ20mm
2 Pipe yhickness 0.6-1.0mm 0.6-1.0mm
3 Single screw extruder SJ--90/30 SJ--75/32
4 Design production speed 90m/min(300mm space) 45m/min(300mm Space)
5 Center height 1000mm 1000mm
6 Dripper Identifying Speed 600pcs/min 300pcs/min
7 Dripper space 100mm-1500mm 200mm-1500mm
8 Punching speed 600pcs/min 120pcs/min
9 Punching method High speed motor High speed motor
10 Pipe length per roll 500m-1000m 500m-1000m
11 Total Installed Power 120Kw 70Kw
12 Max Extruding Capacity 200Kg 120Kg
13 Electric system Motion controller PLC control
14 Size of the Line (L×W×H) 35m*2.5m*2m 25m*2.5m*2m
15 Total Line Weight 6000kg 4600kg
Ⅲ.The main parameters and related configuration

A1. Dripper Screening Conveyor
1.Dripper filter and sorting using three infrared detection device, no dripper will automatically supply, Abnormal sorting dripper automatic detection clearance, without dripper in the delivery area will Automatic alarm.
2. The program is equipped with a corrective device.
3. Dripper sorting device is not affected by the size and length of the droplet, the computer can accurately calculate the injection rate of different droplets.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Filter cylinder diameter 1000mm Motor Siemens servo motor
Motor power 0.75Kw PLC Siemens
Spacing Setting Range 100mm-1500mm Electric system 1. Siemens servo controller;
2. Siemens AC contactor.

A2. SJ-90/30 Single Screw extruder
The machine is used for PE pipe extrusion production: PE material by the vacuum feeding machine negative pressure feeding, drying through the drying hopper into the barrel; material by the screw conveyor, compression, plastic, measurement, into the molding die. The machine barrel screw material is 38CrMoAlA, by quenched and tempered, nitriding treatment. High precision, anti-fatigue. Gear box gear material for the 20CrMnTiA, carburizing treatment.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Screw diameter 90mm Main motor Siemens
L/D 30:1 Screw barrel Five-star
Main motor power 75Kw Gearbox Guomao
Speed mode Frequency Electric system 1. Siemens frequency converter;
2. Omron temperature control table;
3. Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances.
Max Extruding Capacity 220kg/h
A3. Molds
Molds material use high-quality alloy steel, quenched and tempered, mold flow surface polishing hard chrome plating. The sizing material is copper alloy.

A4. ZK Vacuum Forming Box
1.The Vacuum Forming Box use stainless steel.
2.Water level adjustment using stainless steel float, simple and practical structure.
3.The nozzle material is nylon.
4.Rack use three-dimensional adjustable, the forward and back moving with pin gear Cycloid reducer to drive, up and down and around the use of thread adjustment.
5.The barrel has a reliable nylon skateboard mechanism, which can effectively prevent sagging phenomenon.

1. Equipment status 2. Main configuration
Vacuum Forming Box length 4M Vacuum pump Zhejiang
Adjust the height up and down 30mm Pump Zhejiang
Adjust the distance left and right 30mm Material Stainless steel 304
Moving distance before and after 500mm Electric system Schneider AC contactor, button, indicator light.
Vacuum pump 2.2kw
Pump motor power 2.2kw

A5. LQ Cooling water sink
1. The cooling water sink is made of stainless steel;
2. Setting the high pressure wind in addition to water, that can effectively remove the pipe surface moisture;

Main configuration
Length 6M
Material Stainless steel 304

A6. Tractor
The machine adopts belt type traction, servo speed control way, to ensure that the upper and lower traction speed strictly consistent, the upper and lower traction frame pneumatic compression.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Number of belts 2 Servo motor Siemens
Clamping length 1000mm Compression mode pneumatic
Traction speed 120m/min Pneumatic Components ZheJiang
Center height 1000mm Electric system: 1. Siemens servo governor;
2. Schneider company AC contactors, buttons, lights.
Motor power 2.2kw

A7. Punching device
1. Punching machine connect with PLC programming, automatic, fast and accurate capture of the dripper punching.
2. the drilling device is equipped with a damping device, adjustable damping size, so that the whole punch device more stable.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Motor power 0.75kwX2 Punching motor Korean
Punching speed 300/min Punching knife Germany
Center height 1000mm Pneumatic Components Zhejiang

A8. Double station coiling machine
1. The machine use double-bit winding machine.
2. The machine can be used with the extruder supporting the use of stereotypes and traction machine supporting the use of plastic pipe, winding machine can be directly after the coiling, with automatic cable, automatic instrument alarm, automatic shutdown and other functions.
3. The scope of application (pipe) φ8-32mm.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Coiling method Double station center coiling Servo motor Siemens
Coiling width 200--500mm Pneumatic Components Zhejiang
Coiling speed 120m/min
Reel diameter 1200mm Electric System 1.ABB frequency converter;
2.Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances
Coiling motor power 2.2kwX2
Drive power 0.75kw
Flip motor power 2.2kw

Note:The above images are for reference only.

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