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Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Tape Extrusion Line

The drip irrigation tape extrusion line is used for the production of labyrinth drip irrigation tape. During daily irrigation, people control the surface temperature and humidity of the ground by controlling the water flow, to ensure an even crop growth. If you are looking for an artificial irrigation that is water, energy and labor saving, the labyrinth drip irrigation tape is a great choice. As it can make fertilizing, spraying and water flow effective and convenient, it aids in the reduction of pests and increases production. Though it is most often used to cultivate farm crops, it is also widely used in greenhouse applications.

This drip irrigation tape production line is a new generation of drip irrigation pipe making machines developed and researched by our own team, and is known for its extremely stable production.

Main Technical Parameters
Item Pipe Diameter Pipe Thickness Production Speed Dripper Distance
Labyrinth Type Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line 12-16-20mm 0.15-0.9mm 90m/min 100-500mm
Equipment advantages

1. Adopt frequency control system for extruder, forming machine and tractor, simple adjustment, reliable, stable, low energy consumption.
2. The extruder screw barrel is made of alloy material with quenching and ion nitriding process, that has high strength, high wear resistance, long service life and other characteristics.
3. Adopt automatic temperature control system for the heating temperature of extruder and die, high precision temperature control, remarkable energy-saving effect.
4. Use torque motor control for irrigation drip tape winding, can effectively overcome the tension defects, and equipped with digital meter counting device. The winding length can be arbitrarily set below 2500 meters (if required to extend meters, can be customized). The rewinder has memory, automatic alarm shutdown and other functions.
5. High automation equipment.

Classic production line show
65 labyrinth drip irrigation pipe machine line
Ⅰ. Parts
No. Items Quantity Configuration instructions
1 SJ-65/30 Single screw extruder 1 set A1
2 Molds 1 set A2
3 Forming Machine 1 set A3
4 Tractor 1 set A4
5 Coiling machine 1 set A5
Ⅱ.The main parameters and related configuration

A1. SJ-65/30 Single Screw extruder
This machine is used for the extrusion production of labyrinth drip irrigation pipe. The material is conveyed, compressed, plasticized and measured by screw. The machine barrel screw material are 38CrMoAlA, by quenched and tempered, nitriding treatment. High precision, anti-fatigue. Gear box gear material for the 20CrMnTiA, carburizing treatment.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Screw diameter 65mm Main motor Siemens
L/D 30 : 1 Screw barrel Five-star
Main motor power 22Kw Gearbox Guomao
Cooling way Air cooling Electric system 1.Siemens frequency converter.
2.Omron temperature control table.
3.Siemens low-voltage electrical appliances.
Max Extruding Capacity 10-100r/min
Screw diameter 60Kg/h

A2. Mold
Molds material use high-quality alloy steel, quenched and tempered, mold flow surface polishing hard chrome plating. The sizing material is copper alloy.

A3. Forming machine
Vacuum adsorption molding wheel is the key to the entire equipment, its design and production, represents the level of the entire unit. Its performance is directly related to the quality of production and quality of the product performance is good or bad. Our forming wheel is made of multi-piece processing, using advanced machining center with perfect measuring means and electric processing equipment, to produce a high flow path size, high performance, excellent performance round.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Forming wheelspecifications 6M Forming wheel Zhejiang
Drive motor power 1.1kw Vacuum pump zhejiang
Cooling method Water cooling + air cooling
Dripper space 200---500mm Electric system Schneider AC contactor, button, indicator light.
Flow 1.2-4.5L/H
Vacuum pump power 1.5kw

A4. Tractor
Traction machine is the two groups of roller traction, using frequency control mode, traction roller imported PU plastic, good elasticity, high strength, long life.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Number of rubber roller: 2 pairs Reducer Jiangsu
Rubber roller specifications 0mm Tight method Manual
Traction speed 5--50m/min Electric system Schneider AC contactor, button, indicator light.
Motor power 1.1kw

A5. Three-position coiling machine
Coiling machine with three-station curl, automatic light pole cable cable structure, with the pipe plug, each volume can be rolled 2000 meters. With fast nuts, cable for the light rod mobile. The meter is a digital non-contact automatic meters.

1. Parameters 2. Main configuration
Coiling method three-position Moment motor HeNan
Coiling motor power YLJ112-6/6NM Traverse unit Shanxi
Reel diameter Electric Schneider
Length measurer digital instrument
Note: The above images are for reference only.
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