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HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

This plastic pipe extrusion line is used for producing HDPE pipes. HDPE pipes are known for their outstanding flexibility, rigidity, creep resistance and cracking resistance. During construction, it can be hot-melt welded. Compared to metal pipes, HDPE is easier to create, costs less and has a longer service life (typically up to 50 years). HDPE and PP pipes produced by the plastic pipe extrusion machines are primarily used in city water supply, gas transportation, chemical slurry transportation, agricultural water supply, salinity drainage and more.

Our HDPE pipe production line has features of high automatic and more convenient operation. It can produce steadily and reliably. The production line is composed of efficient extruder, headpiece, vacuum sizing cooling system, traction system ,cutting system ,stacking device and control system. It is used together with one maker line extruder. The efficient extruder adopts efficient screw ,transfer bush better. The headpiece adopts spiral type ,it can make sure discharging uniformly and static mixing. The production line can realize the control of independent adjustment and consolidated adjustment. It is very convenient to operate.

Main Technical Parameters
Diameters range Extruder Motor Capacity Max. Speed
16-50mm 55/30 30kw 60-100kg 10m/min
50-110mm 65/30 45kw 100-200kg 6m/min
110-250mm 90/30 90kw 200-300kg 6m/min
250-450mm 120/33 160kw 3450-400kg 3m/min
450-800mm 150/33 315kw 850-900kg 1m/min
800-1200mm 150/35 400kw 900-1200kg 1m/min
Equipment advantages

1.The production line adopts PLC ,Multilingual display, easy to learn and operate. Mechanical drive part adopts GUOMAO reducer, Siemens motor, ABB inverter.
2.Screw & barrel using Dual-metal spraying process. Life expectancy is more than two times higher.
3.The production line control part adopts Siemens control system ,which is stable.

Classic production line show
110-250PE pipe production line
No. Name Quantity Configuration instructions
1 SJ90/33 single screw extruder 1set A1
2 SJ30/25 single screw extruder 1 set A2
3 ZK250 Vacuum Shaping box 1set A3
4 LQ250 Spray cooling box 1set A4
5 QY250 four claws tractor 1set A5
6 QG250 Planetary cutting machine 1set A6
7 DF250 Stacker 1set A7
8 SHD400 Hopper dryer 1set A8
9 ZJ400 Vacuum feeding machine 1set A9
10 110-250 mold 1 suit A10
Ⅱ.Parameters and related configuration

A1. SJ90/33 single screw extruder
The extruder is used for PE pipe extrusion. PE material is loaded by vacuum feeder,after drying hopper drying into the barre.Material by the screw conveyor, compression, plasticizing, metering, into the forming dies.The material of the extruder screw barrel is 38CrMoAlA. conditioning, nitriding treatment. High precision and fatigue resistance. The material of reducer gearbox is 20CrMnTiA ,.carburizing.

1. Extruder  2. Main configurations
Screw Diameter 90mm Motor Siemens motor
L/D 30:1 Screw &Barrel FIVE STAR (Zhejiang)
Motor Power 90Kw Reducer Changzhou Guomao
Cooling method Forced air cooling Electrical system 1.ABB Frequency inverter
2.Omron temperature control table
3.  schneider a.c. contactor
Screw speed Frequency control
Max output 300Kg/h

A2. SJ30/25 single screw extruder (used for mark line)
The extruder adopts cycloidal reducer, screw can get lower speed. The lower frame with castor and adjusting screw.

1. Extruder  2. Main configurations
Screw Diameter 30mm Motor Siemens motor
L/D 25:1 Screw &Barrel FIVE STAR (Zhejiang)
Motor Power 3.0Kw Reducer Changzhou Guomao
Cooling method Forced air cooling Electrical system 1. ABB inverter;
2. Omron temperature control table;
3.  schneider a.c. contactor
Screw speed 33rpm
Max output 5.0Kg/h

A3. ZK250 Vacuum Shaping box
This vacuum calibrating bench barrels being made of stainless steel. Stainless steel ball float water level regulation, the structure is simple and practical. Nozzle is made of nylon. Three-dimensional adjustable rack, back and forth motion driven by cycloidal reducer, up and down and around adopts screw pair of regulation. Barrel body with reliable nylon slide mechanism which can effectively prevent sagging phenomenon.

1. Equipment status 2. Main configurations
length 6M Vacuum pump YU HUAN (zhejiang)
Up and down adjustable height 80mm Water pump YU HUAN (zhejiang)
Left and right adjustable distance: 50mm Material Stainless steel
Before and after moving distance 500mm Electrical system Schneider a.c. contactor, buttons, indicator light.
Vacuum pump power 4.0kw×2
Pump power 4.0kw×2

A4. LQ250 Spray cooling box
The tank is made of stainless steel Adjust the water level of stainless steel float The nozzle is made of nylon The frame can be adjusted up and down, and the hood has a torus.

Length 6M
Water pump power 4.0kw
Water pump ZHEJIANG Yuhuan

A5. QY250 four claws tractor
The machine adopts frequency control mode. Traction frame adopts gear to move up and down; To make sure the same speed up and down. Pneumatic pressure, Using special rubber pieces.

1. Equipment status 2. Main configurations
Track quantity 4 Reducer HANSEN (Changzhou)
Clamping length 1800mm Stepping up way pneumatic
Traction speed 0.4--3m/min Pneumatic component Zhejiang
Maximum traction 3.0t Electrical system 1. ABB inverter;
2. Schneider company ac contactor, button, indicator light.
Central height 1000mm(adjustable)
Motor power 5.5kw

A6. QG250 Planetary cutting machine
1. The machine uses the form of planetary cutting, saw blade rotation, cutting mechanism, feed mechanism revolution;
2. Pneumatic Aluminum Havi Clamp;
3. Equipped with dust collector;
4. T-shaped tooth cutting blade.

1. Equipment 2. Main dispositions
Cutting range 110-250mm Control PLC
Saw blade diameter 250mm Feed mode Hydraulic feed
Cutting motor power 3.0kw Revolution frequency ABB inverter
Feed motor power 0.75kw Clamping method pneumatic
Electric motor power 1.5kw Electrical appliances Schneider
Vacuum motor power 1.5kw

A7. DF250 Stacker
Automatic turn over the material.
The length is 6m.
Stainless steel panel.

A8. SHD400 Dry hopper
Loading quantity 400Kg
Electric heating powe 20Kw
Fan power 0.75Kw
The barrel is made of stainless steel material, the heat distribution is uniform and the heat exchange is quick
A9. ZJ400 Vacuum feeder
1. Equipment status
Loading quantity 400kg/h
Electric heating powe 2.2Kw
Vortex pump WUXI ZHONGCE
Small size, light weight, safe and convenient, independent filter device to facilitate the removal of dust
A10. 110-250mm Mold

Mold material adopts high quality alloy steel, after tempering treatment, mold surface polishing chromium plating processing. Sizing material for copper alloy; pipe scope110-250mm

Note: The above images are for reference only.

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