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PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

This plastic pipe extrusion line is used for PVC pipe production. Properties of PVC pipes include a great rigidity, excellent tensile resistance and a high compressive resistance. The connections are divided into socket and glue ways to offer more convenience during construction and lower costs when compared to other pipe materials. PVC pipes are widely used in agricultural water supply and drainage, building water supply and drainage, cable laying and other industries.

This PVC pipe production line was self-developed by our company, that is composed by twin-screw extruder, vacuum forming machine, traction machine, cutting machine and overturn rack, etc. The screw extruder and traction machine adopt imported AC frequency control device, and the vacuum pump and traction motor are also high-quality products. The tractor has two claws, three claws, four claws, six claws, eight claws and other modes of traction; The saw cutting or planetary type cutting is available; Full automatic computer control, reliable performance.

According to customer demand, can equipped with special device to produce inner wall spiral tube and inner wall hollow tube, etc. The supporting planetary type cutting machine adopts fully automatic computer control, that reached the international advanced level.

Main Technical Parameters
Pipe diameters range Extruder model Main motor Extrusion capacity Max. production speed
16-50mm 51/105 22kw 60-100kg 15m/min
63-160mm 65/132 37kw 150-200kg 6m/min
160-250mm 80/156 55kw 350-400kg 4m/min
200-315mm 80/156 55kw 350-450kg 3m/min
315-630mm 92/188 110kw 700-800kg 1m/min
Equipment advantages

1.The mold adopts 40Gr alloy material.the deformation quantity is small and the production quality is stable.
2.The screw adopts special design , which has good plasticization, high yield and long service life.
3.Electrical appliances are used in international brands.
4.Our company Provide the complete set of production technology and formula technology for free.

Classic production line show
63-160PVC pipe production line
Ⅰ. Components:
No. Name Quantity Configuration instructions
1 SJSZ-65/132 Conical double screw extruder 1 set A1
2 ZK160 vacuum shaping box 1 set A2
3 QY160 three jaw tractor 1set A3
4 QG160 Planetary cutting machine 1 set A4
5 ZF stacker 1 set A5
6 SL300 spiral feeder 1 set A6
7 63-160 mold 2 suits A7
Ⅱ、Parameters and related configuration
A1. SJSZ-65/132 Conical Double Screw Extruder

The extruder is used for PVC pipe extrusion. PVC powder material is loaded by spiral feeder into barrel. Material by the screw conveyor, compression, plasticizing, metering, into the forming dies. The material of the extruder screw barrel is 38CrMoAlA .conditioning, nitriding treatment. High precision and fatigue resistance .The material of reducer gearbox is 20CrMnTiA, carburizing.

1. Extruer 2. Main configurations
Screw diameter  65/132mm Motor brand  Siemens
Effective length 1440 mm Screw & barrel FIVE STAR (zhejiang)
Motor power 37Kw Reducer Jiangsu
Screw rotating direction Different direction outward Electrical system 1. ABB inverter;
2. Omron temperature control table;
3.  schneider a.c. contactor
Screw rotating speed 1-39r/min
Max extrusion output 250Kg/h
A2. ZK160 Vacuum Shaping Box

This vacuum calibrating bench barrels being made of stainless steel. Stainless steel ball float water level regulation, the structure is simple and practical. Nozzle is made of nylon. Three-dimensional adjustable rack, back and forth motion driven by cycloidal reducer, up and down and around adopts screw pair of regulation.

1. Equipment staus 2. Main configurations:
Shaping box length 6M Vacuum pump YU HUAN (zhejiang)
Up and down adjustable height 80mm Water pump YU HUAN (zhejiang)
Left and right adjustable distance  50mm Material: Stainless steel
Before and after moving distance 500mm Electrical system Schneider a.c. contactor, buttons, indicator light.
Vacuum pump power 4.0kw
Water pump power 4.0kw
A3. QY160 three jaw tractor

The machine adopts frequency control mode. Traction frame adopts gear to move up and down. To make sure the same speed up and down. Pneumatic pressure, Using special rubber pieces.

1. Equipment status 2. Main configuratios
Track quantity: 3 Reducer HANSEN (Changzhou)
Clamping length 1800mm Stepping up way pneumatic
Traction speed 0.4-4m/min Pneumatic component Zhejiang
Traction rubber block V type Rubber block Electrical system 1. ABB inverter;
2. Schneider low-voltage apparatus
Central height 1000mm(adjustable)
Motor power 3.0kw
A4. QG160 Planetary cutting machine

1. The machine uses the form of planetary cutting, saw blade rotation, cutting mechanism, feed mechanism revolution;
2. Pneumatic Aluminum Havi Clamp;
3. Equipped with dust collector;
4. T-shaped tooth cutting blade.

1. Equipmen 2. Main configuratios
Cutting range 63-160mm Control PLC
Saw blade diameter 250mm Feed mode  Hydraulic feed
Cutting motor power 1.5kw Revolution frequency ABB inverter
Feed motor power 0.75kw Clamping method pneumatic
Revolution motor power 1.5kw Electrical appliances Schneider
Dust motor power 1.5kw

A5. ZF Stacker
Automatic turn over the material.
The length is 6m.
Stainless steel panel.

A6. SL300 spiral feeder
Material Stainless steel
Max feeding quantity 400kg/h
Motor power 1.5Kw
Bin volume 300L
A7. 63-160 Mold

Mold material adopts high quality alloy steel,after tempering treatment,Mold surface polishing chromium plating processing.Sizing material for copper alloy;pipe scope 63-160mm

Note:The above images are for reference only.

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