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UHMWPE Pipe Extrusion Line

This plastic pipe extrusion line produces UHMWPE pipes in a diameter ranging between 63mm-1200mm with an abrasion resistance 7 times better than that of steel pipes, earning the nickname of the most abrasion resistant material. It also has inimitable high corrosion resistance and impact resistance when compared to other plastic pipes. UHMWPE pipes are also extremely resistant to low temperatures, retaining all of its outstanding physical properties event at temperatures as low -150℃. In mine tailings transportation, chemical slurry transportation, marine/river dredging, oil extraction, oil transportation, tunnel and mine escape, UHMWPE pipe is widely used. Other applications included solid and gas transportation in extremely cold environments, as they are ideal replacements for steel pipes, stainless steel pipes and alloy steel pipes. Compared to a metal pipe, UHMWPE pipes are easier to work with, available at lower costs and feature a longer service life (up to 50 years).

Adopting die cooling method, this plastic pipe extrusion line designed based on our patented technologies realizes continuous production of plastic pipes.Comparing with similar plastic extrusion equipment, our UHMWPE pipe extrusion machine has 1/3 higher pipe production capacity, 1/4 less energy consumption, and much better pipe quality.

1. According to our years of experiment and practice, the small screw pitch and big screw diameter are adopted for our UHMWPE pipe extrusion line. The production line can melt the UHMWPE, whose melt index is near 0, and slowly extrude it continuously.
2. Our UHMWPE pipe extruder, comparing with normal plastic pipe extrusion machine, doesn’t need the cooling fan for the spiral barrel. Each section of the UHMWPE pipe extrusion machine comes with an independent control system, so the temperature precision and energy efficiency are both great. The main motor is optimized for the line, leading to 25% reduction in energy consumption.
3. To shaping the pipe with cooled mold, we add to the nozzle and core rod. Low temperature heat conduction oil will be injected into the pipe through the mold temperature control mechanism to cool the mold and shape the pipe material. In comparison to regular PE pipe extrusion machinery, our UHMWPE pipe extrusion machine is much cheaper due to the absence of vacuum shaping sleeve, vacuum box, and traction machine. Besides, high molecular material with a molecular weight as high as 1.5-5 million, like UHMWPE, can be processed.
To achieve the UHMWPE pipe shape forming and mold cooling, spiral outer flow channel and inner channel added to the nozzle of the mold and the end of the screw. Low temperature heat conductive oil is injected into the channels through the mold temperature controller to cool the mold. Then the pipe about to come out of mold will be cooled and the shape can be formed.
4. After changing the mold, the UHMWPE pipe extrusion machine can be used for producing sectional material and bar material.

Main Technical Parameters
Extruder model SJ-90/20 SJ-150/20 SJ200/20 SJ-240/20
Pipe diameter range (mm) φ63- φ159 φ159- φ500 φ500- φ800 φ800- φ1200
Main motor power (kw) 22 37 55 75
Extrusion capacity (kg/h) 5-20 10-40 30-100 40-150
Bracket length (mm) Customizable
Total installed power (kw) < 45 < 65 < 85 < 120
Equipment advantages

1.The mold adopts 40Gr alloy material.the deformation quantity is small and the production quality is stable.
2.The screw adopts special design , which can be used for the raw materials with 10 million molecular weight .
3.Electrical appliances are used in international brands.
4.Our company Provide the complete set of production technology and formula technology for free.

Classic production line show
UHMWPE Pipe Production Line
Ⅰ. Components:
No. Name Quantity Configuration instructions
1 SJ-150/20 single screw extruder 1 set A1
2 Planetary cutting machine 1 set A2(optional)
3 bracket 2 sets A3
4 LS200 screw feeder 1 set A4
5 Mold 1 set A5
Ⅱ.Parameters and related configuration:

A1. SJ-150/20 single Screw Extruder
The extruder is used for UHMWPE pipe extrusion. PE material is loaded by screw feeder, after drying hopper drying into the barre. Material by the screw conveyor, compression, plasticizing, metering, measurement, into the forming dies. The material of the extruder screw barrel is 38CrMoAlA. conditioning, nitriding treatment. High precision and fatigue resistance. The material of reducer gearbox is 20CrMnTiA, carburizing

1.extruder  2.Main configurations
Screw diameter 150mm Motor Siemens motor
L/D 20:1 Screw &Barrel FIVE STAR (Zhejiang)
Motor power 37Kw Reducer: Changzhou Guomao
Cooling method Forced air cooling Electrical system 1.ABB Frequency inverter
2.Omron temperature control table
3. schneider a.c. contactor
Screw rotating speed Frequency control
Max extrusion output 40Kg/h
A2. Planetary cutting machine

1.The machine uses the form of planetary cutting,saw blade rotation, cutting mechanism, feed mechanism revolution;
2.Pneumatic Aluminum Havi Clamp;
3.Equipped with dust collector;
4.T-shaped tooth cutting blade.

1.Equipment status 2.Main configurations
Cutting range 90-315mm Control PLC
Saw blade diameter 250mm Feed mode Hydraulic feed
Cutting motor power 3.0kw Revolution frequency ABB
Feed motor power 0.75kw Clamping method pneumatic
Revolution motor power 1.5kw Electrical appliances Schneider
Dust motor power 1.5kw
A3. Bracket

The length is 6--10m.v-shaped roller

A4. LS200 Screw Feeder
Max feeding quantity 200kg/h
Motor power 2.2.Kw
Bin volume 300L
Small volume light, safe and convenient, independent filtration device, convenient to clean up dust
A5. Mold

Mold material adopts high quality alloy steel,after tempering treatment,Mold surface polishing chromium plating processing.Equiped with mold temperature controller.pipe scope108-530mm

Note :The above images are for reference only.

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