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Geomembrane Film Blowing Machine

This geomembrane film blowing machine is used to produce three-layer wide composite geomembrane. The geomembrane has the properties of good waterproof, anti-seepage, anti-puncture, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and long service time. It can also reduce soil erosion effectively. It is widely used in seepage-proof project of ponds, rivers, channels, river dams and the seepage-proof project during tunnel/subway construction. It is an ideal choice in environmental protection, and sanitation field like landfill, tailings storage, sewage treatment plant and so on.

The main components of this plastic blow molding machine include three plastic film extruders, hydraulic rapid screen changing machine, three-layer composite spiral mold, air ring with two air outlet, traction machine, coiling machine, and temperature and electronic component controlling system. The production line adopts dedicated screw and barrel ,High plasticization, high yield, can be extruded 100% recycled materials, also can be extruded new materials.

1. Special blown film extruder and screw are used. The plastification and production capacity are both enhanced. The extrusion machine can be moved as one piece, making the position adjustment quite easy.
2. The special triple-layer spiral mold allows the extrusion blow molding machine to produce both greenhouse film and geomembrane film.
3. A hydraulic screen changing device is used. It can operate when the extruding line is working.
4. To improve the film product, we use the IBC inner cooling control system and two-outlet air ring for our extrusion blow molding machine.
5. The traction machine is controlled by a frequency conversion motor, and comes with a pneumatic clamping mechanism. Thus the upward traction and coiling machine can be controlled at the same time.
6. The roller of the coiling machine has a large frictional coefficient, whit which the film can be easily collected.

Equipment advantage:
1: Mold with 40Gr forging alloy material, mold deformation is small, product quality and stability.
2: Screw with HUAYA dedicated for low-temperature melting extrusion screw, plastic good, high transparency products.
3: Electrical use of international brand configuration, the actual production of electricity ≤ 300KW / T.
4: HUAYA company surface free of charge to provide a full set of technology, raw materials formula technology program.

Classic production line show
Main Technical Parameters:
Model 3FM3500 3FM4500
Film width (mm) 6000 8000
Film thickness (mm) 0.3-2 0.3-2
Film layer 3 3
Suitable raw material LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, MLLDPE, HDPE
Max. output (kg/h) 1500 2400
Extruder Ф150/30×3 Ф180/30×3
Main motor (kW) 250×3 280×3
Mold diameter (mm) Ф1800 Ф2400
Air ring diameter (mm) 3600 4500
Traction height (mm) 21000 24000
Traction speed (mm) 3-30 m/min
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  • Mold assembly
  • Winding device
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