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Product History

    1. Plastic Film Blowing MachineBy cooperating with research institutes, HUAYA developed a series of plastic film blowing machine, including the plastic film blowing machine used for agricultral mulch film,greenhouse film and the extrusion blow molding machine primarily for geomembrance production.
    1. Drip Tape Production LineDrip irrigation is one of the most water-saving irrigation technology. Drip irrigation is a water irrigation method based on crop water requirements, through the low pressure piping system and emitters, drop the nutrient evenly but slowly to the crop root zone soil. Drip irrigation does not destroy the soil structure, the water, fertilizer, gas and heat inside soil keep in good conditions for crop growth, small evaporation loss, without surface runoff, almost no deep percolation.
    1. Pipe Extrusion Line (Plastic Pipe Extruder)HUAYA is a professional manufacturer of UHMWPE pipe extrusion line. We have got the ISO9001: 2000 certificate. Our years of experience in the extrusion equipment, production technique, and formula of UHMWPE pipe has helped us obtain a range of patents.
    1. Sheet and Profile Extrusion LineOn the basis of original equipment, the company has developed equipment for plates and profiles of different materials, and is able to produce profiles and sheet production line of different specifications according to customer requirements.
    1. Dredging EngineeringDredging engineering is to excavate and treat the mud, sands and stones underwater in channels or harbor water areas according to the prescribed range and depth.
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